Coffee Stained Papyrus

Just a Seattle-based girl who loves Jesus. As such, coffee and God's word connect time and time again.

Eve and Adam January 29, 2014

Eve – Day 1

Jimmy Fallon made eye contact with Eve and smiled as he delivered his opening monologue.

Eve sighed.

The fact that this was her third encounter with Jimmy this week was dangerosa, the term that Eve used not to describe situations eliciting harm or potential injury but rather an indication that her heart was hurting and she was self-medicating with crap on OnDemand. In her opinion, using Spanish added exotic flair and lessened the seriousness of her condition. If she said it in a language other than English, it couldn’t be real could it?

Don’t do it, she thought to herself as she turned her phone over in her hand. She tried to return her gaze to Jimmy… What was that about the State of the Union? She hadn’t kept up. She turned her attention to her phone as she absent-mindedly hit the home key and swiped her phone on. She swept her screen over and over again to the very last page where Facebook “hid”.

Jesus, please just let him be dating someone, she prayed earnestly.

She started typing Adam’s name but the cookies or whatever they were called only needed the “A”. There he was standing in front of Mt. Shasta, his perfect dark, brown eyes hidden behind the stupid, 1990 style fluorescent sunglasses that were an attempt to say he didn’t care, smiling at the camera. Eve braced herself as she tapped his name.

No change, she thought as she looked at his wall. No girlfriend.

Eve’s stomach flipped, an indication that she knew better. Facebook stalking was shameful. She knew that. But Anali’s wedding was six months away and she had cared deeply for
Adam for at least the same amount of time. But what was she supposed to do? The advice that she had received from her single and married friends both Christian and non jumbled against each other.

And she wanted to be faithful. She wanted to be patient. She
looked down at Adam’s smiling face and she recounted their first conversation. It had been brief but bright and mainly consisted of the discovery that they had gone through the same internship program during college at the operational headquarters for Home Builders only a year apart. Recounting stories of the front receptionist’s sweet but head turning mannerisms, the CFO’s relentless jabs at PAC 12 football teams and the terrible humidity in Fort Lauderdale made Eve smile more deeply than she had for the last six months. Although she told herself that it was just a friendly conversation. Nothing more. But the next few weeks brought smiles, enthusiastic hello’s and on more than a few occasions, Eve would look up at a staff meeting to see Adam’s eyes quickly look away.

The TV erupted with applause as the newest winner of The Voice made her way toward Jimmy’s desk.

Eve couldn’t wait anymore. For the last six month she had prayed for her feeling to dissipate. She sought counsel from friends who committed to praying through this with her. They had come back with no clarification holding her hand instead, praying that her heart would be patient and wise.

For sure, Eve couldn’t wait anymore. She would rather have her heart feel the deepest of disappointment. She had been there before and had made it through the other side. It had to be better than being pained by witnessing many of Adam’s interactions not knowing what he was thinking.

Without a second thought she opened her messaging app and typed a short message to Adam. Prior to hitting send, she closed her eyes and prayed one last time. Father, I don’t mean to be impatient or to rush your hand. I just, well, I just need to know.

She hit send and propelled herself from the couch. She was ready to start her nighttime routine.

Adam – Day 1

Adam sat up quickly, an automatic reaction to his phone buzzing. He looked around. It was dark and the streetlight shined brightly into his room. Earlier than 2 AM, he concluded.

Adam turned toward the wall feeling for his phone. What could Brent need at this hour, he wondered. Adam would have to lay down appropriate communication hours for his nocturnal, software developer friend.

Adam found his phone and held it up. He squinted at the message not fully comprehending why Eve, the office coordinator, would be messaging him after midnight. What, he thought, squinting more in hopes that it would bring clarity to the short text message. He decided it was a mistake and laid back down. He’d have to give Eve a bad time about it tomorrow. Well, technically, later today.



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