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And Then Adulthood Slapped Me In The Face January 11, 2016

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Simply put, I was a naive life-snot in college. Somewhere among working 20 hours a week, going to school for 15 hours a week and having no REAL responsibilities other than doing my homework and making sure I graduated within five years (!!!), I thought that life post college was going to be a breeze.

I mean, I actually read an introduction to one of Rachael Ray’s cookbooks (Express Lane Meals) and literally scoffed out loud when I read her appeal to adults who cooked less than two times a week. I mean, I was such a jerk that I actually made fun of her and these supposed adults to some of my sorority sisters!

Well, let me tell you something. Last week I ate at Burgerville twice and las chicas at El Tapatio in Rainier know me so well that they call for the tableside guacamole when they see my car pull in to the parking lot. Their only question for me is if I’m going to dine in or take out.

Let me tell you something else:

I called into my insurance broker (OEBB) and ordered my Weight Watcher vouchers.

I also hopped on over to HelloFresh and subscribed to one of those groceries in a box things.

Why: because somewhere over the last 9 years since I chortled upon reading Rachel’s intro to her cookbook, I actually became the adult that she is appealing to and that fact slapped me in the face HARD as I picked up two Jalapeno Cheese corndogs at the 76 Station today.

And I’m ready to do something about it. So I’m literally making it as easy as possible by having someone else (Oprah, the shiny new face of Weight Watchers) tell me what to do and paying some other people (the visionaries at HelloFresh which includes a partnership with Jamie Oliver, the cute British guy who cried when he tried to revolutionize American eating habits and we made fun of him for it) to actually shop and chop my produce.

Did I mention I need accountability? So there’s that too.

Want to join me on the ride? You’re more than welcome to. Feel free to follow here or on that other blog to see how things go.


Over the next week I’ll share my oh so brief (and admittedly shallow as a mud puddle) thoughts regarding why I went with both companies on this little adventure v. 2016. And my first delivery comes on Saturday so I’ll most likely unpack it that night and share something on Sunday.

Until then… Jessica, the little more humble life-snot




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