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Did I Really Just Think That? 11/10/14 November 10, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jessica @ 9:33 pm

Yesterday, I went to Fred Meyers after church to grocery shop. On Sundays, I just figure it’s easiest to park furthest away from the entrance so that I can park without fear of hitting someone.

After spending way too much on groceries to make Tyler Florence’s Chicken Parmesan (tune in here later this week for pics and my thoughts), I headed to my car and started to ease out of the parking lot which required driving a span of approximately 75 meters in front of the store’s entrance. For the most part it was free sailing. Finally, I saw a pedestrian girl who was approaching the driving lane and needed to cross. I felt really kind, even generous, for slowing down for her… and then I thought the following:

“Oh crap! I slowed down for a girl who’s going to take her non-service dog into the store. Great, what a waste of kindness…”

Did I really just think that?


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